Delta Venus

The Australian landscape can be harsh and unforgiving, whilst also nurturing and gentle. It's no surprise, then, that we've bred some incredible artists. With creative parents, I've always had exposure to local and foreign artists; but through my friendships I've had the chance to meet new makers, whom I believe will help make up the next generation of Australian artists. 

For myself, it comes back to that simple idea of 'create, don't consume'. But I thought it would be lovely to reach out to some of my favourite creators, and ask what inspires them, drives them, how they've formed their creative rituals and work spaces. 

We ventured into the creative studio of Paige Hasaballah, also known as Delta Venus. A collector of symbols, signs and meanings embedded in ancient Egyptian mythology - her cultural heritage. I love her abstract works, reminiscent of highly stylised Egyptian hieroglyphs. My good friend Ashleigh Ralph, who co-owns Innerspace Contemporary Art Gallery, introduced me to Paige's spiritual and calming work when the gallery hosted the solo exhibition Other Worlds by Delta Venus. 

Since then, Paige and I have connected and participated in an artist swap, trading craft for craft; in the form of painting for jewellery. I can't wait to show you our creations, but in the meantime, get to know Delta Venus!


Creative Space
My current studio is in the most light-filled room of my house. I like natural, organic textures and shapes. Lots of light. Wood, stone, sand. My space is very eclectic and filled with lots of different treasures I've collected over the years from my adventures.
I'm really influenced by everything I encounter. This week my influences are the quite evident change in seasons, botanics, Joan Miro, Rachel Saunders, Dead Can Dance and my mother's garden.
What does a typical day in the studio look like for you?
After my morning routine I sit down in my studio with a cup of tea, I set my intentions for the day and I do an Oracle reading for that day. It's been really important for me this year to be deliberate about what I'm trying to achieve in a day, a week or a month. I try to get all of my computer work finished first thing so I can spend the rest of my day floating through daydreams painting. A clean set of tools and a nice space gives me a blank canvas for ideas to roam in as they please. I don't really believe in spending hundreds of hours on a single piece of work. I like to create as much as I can and hope that within that something will be wonderful.
What Draws You To Jewellery
My personal sense of style has complete polarities. On one side, I wear very practical, minimal clothing and no jewellery because I'm often covered in paint or clay. On the other side, I see style as a way to play and explore myself through my physical style. Jewellery for me could either be costume jewellery - absurdly large earrings and show pieces or beautiful, practical sleek pieces that show refined craftsmanship and elegant beauty.  
Favourite Places in Brisbane / Queensland
I love the coastline of Queensland but the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast hinterlands are really filled with wonder for me. 

Personality Colour
Currently - Rust. I'm very drawn to earthy natural colours you might stumble across on a bushwalk.
Land or Sea
Both - Mountains by the ocean. 

Soundtrack To Your Life

Jazz! Always jazz. And I like a lot of classical too. Anything that tells me a story without words or gets my imagination wandering.

Somewhere You Want To Go
The current top of my list is Istanbul. 
Why Did You Choose Life By The Beach
I'm a Scorpio and so is my partner so I think as fixed water signs we have both felt very at ease by the ocean. It's been fundamental to my mental health this year and nothing really beats sneaking away from your desk for a lunchtime swim in the ocean! 
Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery you’ve collected through family or travels that has a memory attached to it?
My Egyptian grandmother (Teta is the Coptic word for grandmother) used to wear a beautiful collection of gold pendants on chains she had gathered throughout her life. Crosses, vases, the head of Nefertiti. She passed away last year and my sister and I both wear her jewels now. I feel especially connected to her when I wear them and they will always hold a place in my heart. 
My hometown is split between Melbourne and Noosa. I'm very grateful to have experienced both landscapes growing up. 

Why is Local Important To You

I have been operating my own business for a few years now which has really allowed me to appreciate local business, crafts and suppliers. By purchasing from independents I support other people just like me and give everyone a chance to work in their trade without someone monopolising an industry and its wealth. Local can often be a little bit more expensive than run-of-the-mill imported goods but you get what you pay for and the quality is unparalleled. Invest in your community.