Harley & J

I love our beautiful community of star-gazing dreamers, so each investment in an Orion's Belt Jewellery piece comes with a custom artwork by Byron Bay artist Harley & J.

Hang this limited edition print somewhere that reminds you to look up, dream big, and dress like its a 1970's disco. 

When I launched Orion's Belt Jewellery in November 2017, I wanted something that really captured the golden 70s vibes that inspires my design process to be available as a gift for family and friends choosing to invest in my work. A symbolic thank you, a token of appreciation, for choosing to support my label. The idea that a client could take home, frame and enjoy a custom artwork, particularly resonated with me, and I instantly got to work looking for the best artist for the job. 

The brief included descriptors such as; our constellation namesake (obviously!), Sonny and Cher vibes, 70s wallpaper, and space psychedelica. Meet Jaz Meier, the talent behind retro design studio Harley & J. Her individual illustration style, filled with vintage vibes that takes us on a time warp to the 70s, are incredibly distinctive and perfectly fit the bill.

A limited edition set of 50 A4 artworks were custom printed by Brisbane printing house ColourChiefs, on the softest 298gsm Mohawk Felt paper, which became the dreamiest gift for my amazingly generous family and friends. 

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to make pieces of jewellery that my loved ones will wear, love, and hopefully pass down to the next generation to enjoy, one of which may be you! Many of you have requested custom designs, enabling me to run a little wild, enjoy designing with you or with a particular person in mind. 

So when your perfectly packaged little piece of sculpted silver or gold arrives, you can expect one of these limited edition prints, given that you're in the first 50 of course!