Inspired by the sea and sand, designer Lucy Kelly creates high quality, versatile jewellery for those that recognise the importance of supporting sustainable and ethical craftsmanship. With the ultimate goal of continuing to build a business with strong social and environmental foundations, Lucy's designs are indicative of how coast communities are directly impacted by society's obsession with fast fashion.

With years working for Australian fashion and jewellery labels under her belt, such as Holly Ryan and Bianca Mavrick, Lucy has now chosen to venture solo.

Following completion of a double degree in International Business and Fashion at her native Brisbane university, Lucy’s desire for change in the industry pushed her to develop her own label. Focusing on transparency and sustainability, Orion's Belt Jewellery is her response to an industry that has disregarded the environmental, social and moral concerns associated with negligent consumerism. Through the use of recycled silver and ethically sourced gems, the jewellery becomes part of the broader counter movement to that of the norm.

Expect organic shapes modeled around coral treasures, for an unfettered wearability that will resonate with lovers of the big blue and the night sky.

Lucy now lives and creates on Noongar Boodjar land in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, while also working in the wine industry and playing with her puppy, Slim.

Image by Claudia Ciapocha.