The Designer
The Designer

Inspired by our island home, Australian designer Lucy Kelly creates high quality, versatile jewellery for those that recognise the importance of supporting sustainable and ethical craftsmanship. Orion’s Belt Jewellery offers a non traditional jewellery experience, focused on preserving the natural environment around us. 

Common themes include treasures from island paradises, cross-ocean voyages, coastal landscapes and organic shapes. Our pieces have an unfettered wearability that will resonate with lovers of the big blue and the night sky. 

Lucy’s personal belief is that everything and everyone is connected by country and landscape. The handcrafted jewels we make are influenced by journeys, pieces of natural wonder, and often named after places of personal significance. Indeed, Orion’s Belt Jewellery is named after Lucy’s favourite constellation. 

We'd like to acknowledge that Orion’s Belt Jewellery is produced on the unceded sovereign lands of the Wardandi peoples, and pay respects to their elders past and present. 

Currently based in Noongar Boodja, Margaret River region, Western Australia, all jewellery is made to order. We use only recycled metals, with all other materials sourced domestically wherever possible. We are firmly committed to local production - a conscious decision that gives us the opportunity to connect with our suppliers on a deeper level and allows us to minimise our footprint on the environment. 

 Lucy dreams one day to be a jeweller, archaeologist, treasure hunter, and farmer. 

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Photos by Lucy Kelly, Joseph Phillips, Claudia Ciapocha

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